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When one or more of your teeth get broken, discolored or decayed, a dental crown can be a way to fix them. Crowns are shaped like real teeth, and they sit on the target teeth much like cap. They restore those teeth to their proper function, so a person can chew food normally again.

Many of you may wonder what happens when you get a crown. Our dentists, Drs. Makar, Losin and Wong, start by working on the tooth a bit. They may file down and shape the tooth so the crown can fit over it without causing issues with your other teeth.

Next, the dentist needs an outline of the teeth in order to have the crown made. This outline can be taken by applying a special material to the teeth, which is very similar to leaving a handprint by pressing it into clay. The crown can be accurately shaped to make sure it will look like the tooth it will cover and match up with your natural bite. Our dentists will then send the impressions off to have the crown made.

Once it arrives, our dentists will check to see if it will fit properly and then set it on if everything looks good. A crown can remain firmly in place for a number of years, if it is given the love and attention it needs.

If your teeth are in need of repairs, we can help you restore them here at Dent Plus Family Dentistry in Stamford, Connecticut. We provide dental crowns and many other services that can help you get your teeth back in order. Feel free to call 203-504-2786 to ask any questions or to set up a visit with us.