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If you are concerned for your children’s oral health, you can consider having some sealant applied to their teeth. Dental sealant can help prevent cavities on you children’s back teeth.

The sealant is made of a special type of plastic that can safely rest in your mouth. Drs. Makar, Losin and Wong apply it in a thin coat over the molars and premolars, which make up the back teeth. A nice little benefit is that the sealant can be placed and hardened in just a few minutes. It barricades those teeth from bacteria, particularly the kind responsible for the formation of cavities.

Another nice benefit is that the sealant can be invisible. It can be about as clear as clean glass and so thin that it may not be seen at all. It should also not produce any noticeable taste, so your children can carry on as if it were not there.

About the earliest we can give children sealants is around age six. It is about that age that the back teeth start to appear.

While sealant is usually recommended for children, it can also be of benefit to adults. Just about anyone can receive some dental sealant to help protect their teeth from cavities. It is not a substitute for brushing and flossing, but it can be a little addition that boosts your oral health.

You are welcome to come to Dent Plus Family Dentistry in Stamford, Connecticut, if you would like to receive sealant for your children or see if it can help you. We offer sealant and many other services that can keep your smile in excellent shape. If there is any way we can help you, do not hesitate to call 203-504-2786 to set up a visit with us.