While going to the dentist is (or should be) a regular event, it can be slightly worrisome to learn your child needs more extensive care done. And at Dent Plus Family Dentistry, we understand that your child’s first dental filling can be a big moment for both of you. We also understand that you want them to receive the best, most gentle dentistry possible for all their oral healthcare needs. So, we encourage you to visit our dentists to ensure your child has quality dental care from experienced, caring professionals.

When preparing your child for their treatment with Dr. Ivan Makar and Dr. Oleg Losin, use simple and nonthreatening descriptions. Positive words help to ensure a more comfortable and less stressful time as they have a pediatric dental filling in Stamford, Connecticut. The filling procedure includes removing any decay, cleaning the tooth, filling it with either an amalgam or composite material, and then polishing it to feel as smooth as their natural teeth. If you feel your child may need anesthesia, please contact us ahead of time or speak to a team member when you arrive to your visit.

We hope to hear from you soon regarding your children’s dental needs and invite you to call 203-504-2786 to arrange a consultation today.