A disclosing agent can have many benefits in identifying plaque and helping patients improve their brushing. A disclosing agent is a tablet that stains plaque and helps Dr. Ivan Makar and Dr. Oleg Losin educate patients on areas in the mouth they may be missing while brushing and flossing. More precisely, it is a dye used in dentistry as a diagnostic aid, applied to the teeth to reveal the presence of dental plaque. This is a helpful tool, since plaque is constantly forming and building, and accumulation occurs rapidly. Plaque, which is normally invisible, is made visible to you and our dentists by applying a disclosing agent.

Children can especially benefit from having a disclosing agent applied, since it shows new and old plaque. It can help your child learn to brush on their own and to learn how to use a toothbrush properly. A disclosing agent in Stamford, Connecticut, is great for educating both you and your child as to where they may need to clean more. If you have any questions or concerns about using a disclosing agent, please call 203-504-2786 to get in touch with a team member at Dent Plus Family Dentistry.